Crocodiles in the Limpopo

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Crocodiles in the Limpopo

Crocodiles in the Limpopo

Deo and Innocent are a little skeptical about crossing the Limpopo River. They embark on the journey with Patson, his father, a few men, and two leaders. As they are crossing the river, Innocent slips and falls. Everyone, including Patson, tries to help Innocent up and eventually the helper in the back gets him stable again. They finally make it to the other side of the river, but Lennox, the leader, signals that the danger is not over yet.






Ghuma Ghuma- Criminal gang that preys on refugees

2. How does the title match what the chapter is about?

1. How did Deo and Innocent get to Mai Maria's? What is their journey so far?

"Innocent is shivering in terror behind me, "No, Deo, Innocent doesn't want to do this. Let's go home. This is no good. No good at all," he says, pulling my arm.I understand what Innocent is feeling, and I feel it too. Perhaps this is a big mistake. What if he slips and the river sweeps him toward the waiting crocodiles? How will I live with myself if Innocent drowns?What if I'm swept away by the river? Who will look after Innocent if I drown?"

3. If you were Deo, would you go across the river? Why or why not?

6. Now that they got across the river, what do you think they will encounter next and what do you think will happen?

5. How do you think each member of the group felt when Innocent and Patson fell into the river?

4. How would you feel if you were Innocent?

Juniata River

The Crocodile River

Crocodile Attack


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