Croatia Haley A.

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Croatia Haley A.

Did you know that the money they use in Croatia is different from American money? The picture above shows what Croatian money looks like!

H. Agra


Country Info2001-Goverment type- Parliamentary democracyLabor Force-31.1% Industryand mining GDP-$5,100 Pop-4,282,216 Language-Serbo Croatian Religion-77%Catholic 11% Orthodox2003-Goverment type- Parliamentary democracy Labor Force- 31.1%Industry and mining GDP$5,800 Pop- 4,390,751 Language Croatian 96% Religion-77%Catholic 11%Orthodox2005- Goverment-Parliamentary democracy Labor force-13.2% agriculture 25.4% Industry 46.4% services GDP-10,700$ Population-4,496,869 Language Croatian


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