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Crispus Attucks

Crispus Attucks was a mulatto man born in 1723. Crispus was born into slavery in Framingham, MA. His father, Prince Yonger, was of African descent and his mother, Nancy Attucks, was of Native American descent ( It has been said that Crispus has wanted freedom since he was a young boy. Crispus finally escaped from slavery when he was 27 years old.

Crispus AttucksBy Peyton Carter

The Boston Massacre Being threatened by the British Navy, Crispus really wanted liberty and a revolution for Boston ( On the night of March 5, Crispus reportedly came to a riot between soldiers and Bostonians and brought a group of men and clubs with him. As the fighting started to become more heated, Crispus was shot and killed by a British soldier. He was the first death of the Boston Massacre and Revolutionary War. Crispus’ legacy has lived on for a long time and was one of many things encouraged the Americans to finally break free from British rule.

"He wanted liberty and a revolution for Boston"

Crispus Attucks

In 1750 a slave owner named, William Brown, put out an advertisement for Crispus describing what he looked like and a reward for his return ( When people saw or met Crispus they either thought of him as a runaway slave or free man. Crispus eventually got a job as a dockworker in Boston. He was always in competition with the British Navy that were stationed in Boston also. Just like when he was younger, Crispus wanted freedom from the British rule on America (

Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, and James Caldwell's grave

Early Life

Runaway from Slavery

LegacyCrispus Attucks has left a large legacy on the U.S. He was the first death in the Boston Massacre and American Revolution. He stood up for what he believed in and it eventually cost him his life. People look up to Crispus becasue even though the odds were against him he still tried to fight them and eventually his country gained independence.

The Boston Massacre


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