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Crisis Team Committee

Call 211forHealth & Community Resources

Suspected Child Abuse/NeglectReportingDHS 3200 Form

Renee DixLinda SundEmily HannTammy AnnisCynthia Quintana

Godfrey Crisis Team

Mandated Reporter Training for abuse and neglect cases available through Child and Family Resource Council


GLPSEmergency Procedures

MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICESKENT COUNTY OFFICEKent121 Franklin Street SE Grand Rapids, MI 49507(616) 248-9600 Protective Services(616) 248-1000 Main(616) 247-6293 Fax

Accepts and responds to reports concerning children who have been or are in danger or threatened with harm due to abuse (including neonatal addiction to drugs or alcohol), neglect (including lack of adequate supervision, abandonment, medical neglect, or failure to thrive), or exploitation by a parent, legal guardian, or other person who has custodial care of the child. Cases in which the child may be in immediate danger are referred to the police for a joint investigation with Protective Services and possible removal of the perpetrator or relocation of the child to safer surroundings. (Children removed from the home are under court jurisdiction and remanded to MFIA for supervision and care during legal proceedings.) Reports appropriate to MFIA are investigated beginning within 24 hours and, if substantiated, the families are supervised by MFIA (or a MFIA-supervised private agency) and counseling and other support services are provided to stabilize and strengthen the family unit. (MFIA may petition the court at any time during supervision for removal of a child from a dangerous setting.)Eligibility:Complainants -- no restrictions (certain professionals and other employees in the fields of health care, mental health, social work, law enforcement, education, and other human services are required to report suspected cases). Victims -- children under age 18 who are being abused by a parent, legal guardian, or other person who has custodial care of them. (Alleged abuse committed by a person not responsible for the child's health and welfare is investigated by the police and/or prosecuting attorney's office. The MFIA Child Protective Services unit conducts investigations in foster care homes but does not conduct investigations in other residential settings, such as hospitals or mental health facilities, and certain nonresidential settings, such as day care facilities, where another state agency or MFIA unit has a similar statutory responsibility.)Application process:Contact the MFIA County or District Office which serves the area in which the child is currently located or call the statewide Child Protective Services Parent Helpline at 800/942-4357. Phone service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. People who file a report in good faith are immune from civil and criminal liability and from having their identity revealed without their consent (except through court order).



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