Crime Scene Investigator

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Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Investigator

When a crime is committed, the team that goes and try to solve the case are Crime Scene Investigators(CSI). CSI's are involved in investigating many different types of crimes. That includes murder, assault, and burglary.

Job Descripition

Their tasks is to record and document what they see. That includes photographing, sketching, and videotaping the scene. Also to collect fingerprints, footprints, tire tracks, tool marks, fibers, blood, and paint chips.

However, the minimum requirement is generally an associate or bachelor’s degree in forensic science, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, crime scene technology, or a related field. Also to spend a minimum of 2 to 3 years of a regular officer.

Education needed


Enrty Wage: $24.64 hourly/ $51,250 AnnualMedian Wage: $31.62 hourly/ $65,770Experienced Wage:$40.82 hourly/$84,900In Nebraska

Job Outlook

Employment in 2012:356Employment in 2022:385

Class recommended to take in high school

*Criminal Justice*Law & Goverment*Sociology & Anthropology


*I really like the career *A class that I would take next year to prepare me would be law & goverment*There really is not any clubs that would help me with this career


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