Crime Scene Investigation

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Human Anatomy

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Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigation

*Tendon: ropelike projection of connective tissue at the ends of muscle that connects to bone.*Aponeurosis: broad, fibrous sheet of connective tissue that connects to muscle.

The Muscle

The Muscle Fiber

Sarcomere: smallest contractile unit of muscle (Z--> Z)*A band (myosin): stays same*Z disc: no size change*I band (no myosin): shortens*H band: dissapearsMyofibril: helps in contractionMyofilament: helps with muscle contraction/relaxation*Thin filament: actinTropomysosin: block myosin binding sitesTroponin:binds to actin/binds to tropomyosin*Thick filament: myosin

Aerobic Pathway

Direct Phosphorylation

Anaerobic Pathway

Action Potential

Sliding Filament Mechanism

Sarcomere Shortening

Rigor mortis occurs when there is no longer presence of ATP. When there is no ATP, the myosin head can not realease itself from the actin molecule on the thin filament, thus stays attached.

The time of death can be estimated by the stage of rigor mortis. It takes about 12-18 hours for the body to become "stiff".


Because Ms. Mya Fibril was seen at the crime scene only 6 hours before the bodies were found, the bodies would not have been "stiff" enough to be in a severe case of rigor mortis if she were the killer. THEREFORE IT WAS MR. SPUN G. BONE!!



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