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Cri-du-Chat Syndrome

Description:Cri-du-chat Syndrome is a disease that results from a missing piece of chromosome number 5. This disease can be detected at infancy, as it gets its name from the baby's cry which is very high pitched; similar to a cat's cry.

Role:Representative of Planned Parenthood Audience: Future Parents

Side Effects:The complications that correlate with this disease depends on the severity of the case. There are no side effects from treatments because there are no treatments for the disease. Depending on the intellectual and physical disabilities, people with cri-du-chat syndrome may lose the ability to care for themselves.

Common Treatments:For the Cri-du-chat syndrome, there are no specific treatments that can be done. For each individual case, the doctor will suggest methods to manage the symptoms. However, children with the disease can receive therapy to improve language and motor skills. It is recommended that the parents of the child with this disease have genetic counseling done to learn if they have a change in chromosome 5.

Prevention:There is no definite prevention for cri-du-chat syndrome. It is recommended that couples who have a family history for this disease seek genetic counseling to try and stop the passing of this disease to their offspring.

Initial Symptoms:•Cry that is high-pitched and sounds like a cat•Downward slant to the eyes•Low birth weight and slow growth•Low-set or abnormally shaped ears•Mental retardation (intellectual disability)•Partial webbing or fusing of fingers or toes•Single line in the palm of the hand•Skin tags just in front of the ear•Slow or incomplete development of motor skills•Small head •Small jaw •Wide-set eyes

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Chromosome Association:Cri-du-chat syndrome occurs from a missing piece of Chromosome 5.Inheritance:A majority of the cases of cri-du-chat syndrome occur during the development of the egg or the sperm. The disease is not usually inherited as the deletion occurs as a random event. However about 10% of affected people inherit the chromosomal abnormality from an unaffected parent.Predispositions:Cri-du-chat syndrome effects people of all different ethnic backgrounds; it does not discriminate and can happen to anybody.

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