cri du chat

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cri du chat

Monotone & weak cat like cries;Low set Ears;Round Face;Small receding chin;High palate;Widley spaced eyes;Low broad nasal ridge;Folds of skin on the upper eye lid;Distinctive folds on the palms;Low birth weight and growth development;Respiratory problems


Cri du Chat

The Lyranx does not develope correctly which causes the signature cat like cry; This is the most destinctive characteristic of Cri du Chat.

"Cry of the Cat"

Cri-du-chat is caused by a deletion (the length of which may vary) on the short arm of chromosome 5. Multiple genes are missing as a result of this deletion, and each may contribute to the symptoms of the disorder

People with Cri du Chat grow having difficulties walking and talking

They have difficult behaviors including obsessive and sometimes repetitive self harming such as scratching, head banging, hitting, and biting.

Some children with Cri du Chat can have severe heart defects, poor muscle tone, hearing and sight problems and sketal problems.

They have behavior problems and suffer from severe mental retardation. Most dont live to adulthood but some can; the longest a person with this disorder has lived is 60 years.

Cri du Chat was discovered in 1963 by Jerome Lejeune, he also discovered the genetic abnormality that causes down syndrom

In 80 percent of cases the deleted gene comes from the fathers sperm not the mothers egg, but Cri du Chat is more common in females.

If the parents decide to have another child it is rather unlikely that their next child will have Cri du Chat Syndrome.

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