Crest Syndrome

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Crest Syndrome

These videos and pictures are just a synapse of the disease Crest Syndrome,which stands for Calcinosis Raynaud's Phenomenon Esophogeal Sclerodactyly Telangiectasia, also known as Scleroderma. Scleroderma is an auto-immune disease that literally means ''hardened skin''. In Crest Syndrome, fibroblasts that synthesize collagen help heal wounds, but in the case of Scleroderma the protein is produced even when it's not needed. You will see that even though this disease does not affect many people, but has a huge impact on their way of life. Sclerodema's symtoms such as swelling of the fingers, hypopigmentation of the skin and the joint pain can make it hard for someone with this disease to function socially and make it through the work day. Researchers are finding a lot of new ways of treating this disease. The newest of drugs is Cyclophosphamide, which is a cancer drug, which slows down the symptoms of severe Scleroderma. Some of the other drugs that help are antacids for heartburn to NSAID's for the joint pain and swelling. Physicians and researchers are very hopeful that new cures and treatments are in the future. Localized Scleroderma now has new and easy ways of treatment. The survival rate for severe Scleroderma has gone up in numbers since 1972.

Crest Syndrome

Localized Sclerodermacalcium deposits on fingers

Crest Syndrome finger ulcers

Swelling of tiny blood vessels

Full body x-ray of calcium deposits

Using mice, lab-grown cells and clues from a related disorder, Johns Hopkins researchers have greatly increased understanding of the causes of systemic sclerosis, showing that a critical culprit is a defect in the way certain cells communicate with their structural scaffolding


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