Creek Indians

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Creek Indians

Type of HomeThey lived in single family huts or log cabins in a village square.

Natural ResourcesTheir natural resources are animals, vegetables, wood/lumber, bones, soil, grass, plants, fish, dogs, and horses. They need lumber because they need to build their houses out of it, and they use it for fire. Their main resources was probably bones so they can make tools and the fertile soil so they can farm.

The Creek Indians

ClothingTheir cloths are generally made from animal skin. Women had to wear long dresses and moccosins. They had long hair and also wore wraparound skirts with mantles. Men wore breecholoths and moccasins. They also wore lether leggings.Men shaved their heads. The worrios wore tattoos and bright red durring tribal cermonies.

Way of lifeThe Creek Indiands were good hunters and farmers. They were also good weavers.

Types of FoodThey ate corn, beans, squash, deer, small game, wild turkeys, fish, stews, rabbits, vegetables, corn bread, and soup.

Interesting FactsDid you know their original name was Isti or Istichata, but they also called them selves the Muskogee tribe, after the Europeans arrived? The white settlers renamed them after the Ocmulgee Creek.

Regions. Alabama.Florida.Georgia.North Carolina


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