[2015] Briana Eugene: Creature Of The Deep

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[2015] Briana Eugene: Creature Of The Deep

Angler Fish are intersesting animals to learn about.An angler fish can eat fish that are bigger than they are. From crustaceans to eels to large fish, this fish can consume almost any creature.

Angler fish are consumers because they can't produce their own food. Their habitat is they live down in the bottom dark ocean.Their natural enimies are humans. Some interseting facts are-Some angler fish can wiegh up to 100 pounds-The estimate length of them is 8 inches-Deep sea anglers can eat prey bigger than them-Angler fish eat fish and mostly anything in the ocean.Angler fish appearences are they are dark gray to dark brown and they have big teeth so that they can keep their prey to stay in their mouth so they don't get away.

Our name of animal is an Angler fish.Angler fish are scavengers.Their phylum is chordata,their order is lophiiformes,their class is actinopterygii, and their kingdom is animalia.We picked this fish because we thought it was unique and that nobody else would take this fish.The human impact is rare since they live so deep in the ocean.

This is the life cycle of the angler fish.

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Creature of the DeepBy: Briana and Eugene

Angler fish are ugly yet a dangerous species of fish. An angler fish is a fish that is part of the telecost order.Angler fish have more than 200 species living in the Antartic and the Atlantic Ocean. although some like to live in the tropical ocean.



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