Creativity Characteristics

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Creativity Characteristics

-Refines ideas or adds details to make ideas more complex and interesting-May be seen by others as a risk-taker-Prefers and trusts own judgements and evaluations to those of others (can lead to resentment by others.) -Is sensitive to paradoxes, inequities or injustices and unusual events-Synthesizes: draws ideas from many sources, integrates ideas, makes patterns-Is alert to transformations or ways to combine, modify ideas-Often possesses a sharp accurate, caustic wit-Is nonconforming, but not necessarily deliberately so-Displays a high energy level for preferred tasks


Some Characteristics Associated with Creativity:

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-Thinks of many ideas in everyday situations -Uses materials in unexpected ways-Looks at things from different points of view -Sees unique or unusal possibilities

-Looks at things from different points of view (varied perspectives.) -Sees unique or unusal possibilities.



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