Creativity Characteristics,(Assignment),Arts

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Creativity Characteristics,(Assignment),Arts

-Alert , aware, sensitive often notices things that go unseen by others.-Prefers complexity-Expresses ideas, emotions, and reactions in a spontaneous manner-Is curious, exploring, playful, adventurous in spirit, enjoys toying with objects, ideas.-Is imaginative, displays rich use of imagery-Is strongly motivated to achieve in situations calling for independence.-Is eager to communicate ideas and accomplishments to audiences-Is more concerned with expression (using tasks or requirements as a springboard for own ideas) than with completing tasks or requirements set by others.


Some characteristics associated with Creativity:

Get inspired


Suspends judgment about new possibilities.Takes an affirmative constructive approach to new ideas or directions for problem solving.Is easily bored by low level or routine tasks, may drift off into own thoughts.-Is intuitive in perceiving or gathering data.



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