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Creative Media

As Content Learning and Assessment Tools

Woodbridge Twp. School District Summer Tech Academy 2014

Creative Media:

Presented by Cheryl-Lynn Mecka and Lindsay Keifer

Videography- "live" examples, documentation, performance, reflection

Photojournalism- prompts, bloom's taxonomy, storytelling, observation

Glogster- multi-media platform, lesson organization, digital presentations

Blogging- teacher/student publishing, project posting, interactive communication

Create a "go to" for resources, tools, updates

Create quick clips of content to start lessons, explore material and make connections to natural and social learning for kids. (they make their own too!)

You can create your own account and upload videos to your school's channel

Students can create posts, respond to teacher tasks, comment on peer writing

Try out record and editing programs like I-Movie on your I-pad, Windows Media Maker on Laptops

Print and put in albums or online portfolios to prompt essential questioning topics. Photo Center for exploration and independent use of cameras in classroom.

Write own blog to share ideas, reflect, provide writing models

Keep all your content materials in one spot to reference for lessons, explorations, assessments (example Journeys stories)


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