Creative Learning Summary of 1299EDN

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Creative Learning Summary of 1299EDN

Applications and DevicesApps and technology that are available for some schools are laptops or iPads, iBook, Wikis and many more. These applications are interactive and stimulate the students’ brain to focus but also have the aspect of fun.

Technology is enhancing the world around us and it is enabling individuals' access to diverse resources that will help to gain greater student knowledge and the use of their creative and critical thinking. By incorporating technology as a tool into teaching pedagogies will not only encourage the students learning, it will allows pupils to enjoy their studies and continue researching to acquire in depth information on the topic or teaching subject.This Glog explores my individual learning experiences of course 1299EDN. It also informs the readers of the potential research facilitiesin the area of technology-mediated learning. It advocates motivating larger depth of research into the question of, how technology enhances learning ? This question entails an explicit thought of relationships among technology abilities, instructional strategy, psychological processes, and contextual factors invovled in learning.

Using practices like Gamification, coding, Project Based learning and the application of technology students will engage into their assigned task with a creative mind and access to a variety of information. Click for Further Information

Theories of Technology


Why Technology ?

ACARAWhen using technology as a tool in a classroom consideration for curriculums needs to be prominent. Acara was formed by the states and territorys of Australia to learn and arrange the aspects of the Digital Technologies curriculum that will best support schools and educators as they apply the syllabus. The document Digital Technologies advice for providers is designed to give guidance to instruct educators on professional development and teaching resources. This is intended to ensure that the areas of greatest needs are addressed and the teachers understand the use of the device or application. (ACARA. 2013)Click to Find Other Programs


Diversity Being diverse means to have a variety of things. Technology has vastly expanded catering for all different types of needs or impairments. Click Here for More Information

Technology is the tool of the future, so why not get students learning in this diversey, creative environment of ICT?


As a future art teacher and learning support teacher, I need to be aware of new devices or apps that I could incorporate into my lesson plans to enhance the students knowledge and abilities.Click Here for Further Infomation

My Pedagogy of Technology


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