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Creating the Government Timeline

Creating the Government









The campaign for the ratification began once the Constitutional Convention was completed. The states had to now vote for the new framework of the government. The Federalists supported Constitution and believed that the Constitution could create a federal system so that the power would be divided. The opponents of the Constitution were Anti-Federalists and believed that the national government or state governments should be supreme and include a bill of rights. Sam Adams agreed with the Anti-Federalists because he believed that the Constitution will endanger the independence of the states. On January, in Massachusetts, the Federalists promised to the Anti-Federalists that they will attach the bill of rights; this was only if the Anti-Federalists ratify and they soon agreed.

The War of 1812 began because of the impressment of American sailors. In order to prevent this, Thomas Jefferson tried to punish the Britain and France by not exporting goods to them; that had failed. Soon after, the Americans gained Canada and allied with France to go against the British. The military planned to attack Canada to get rid of the British but their attacks failed. On August, the British started to invade the Chesapeake Bay Region. They were headed to Washington, D.C. to destroy the capitol and they succeeded by setting the White House and the Capitol on fire; they headed to Baltimore next. The rest of the war took place in Fort Mchenry. On September 11, the Americans defeated the British and later on created the Treaty of Ghent.

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention wanted to revise the Articles of Confederation, but instead drafted a constitution for the national government. James Madison called a convention in Annapolis, Maryland to discuss the trade and taxation problems along with the rest of the nationalists; these other nationalists are Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Robert Morris (financier), and Alexander Hamilton. They discussed these political and economic problems that faced the new country because they were worried that it would not survive; only 5 of the states showed up. Then the delegates negotiated different compromises before agreeing on the new federal system.


Shays’s Rebellion

Bill of Rights

In November, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was adopted by the Continental Congress. The reason why they had adopted this was because it was a plan for a loose union of the states under the Congress because they feared that the power of a strong government would abuse liberties; they did not have an actual leader. Unfortunately, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union established a weak central government.

The first Political Parties were developed. The Democratic-Republicans, like Thomas Jefferson, believed that the power of the national government should be minimized. They owned land to enable their independence. The other political party were the Federalists like Alexander Hamilton. They believed in more power for the national government and created a central bank; this was a way to collect taxes, regulate trade, and provide a defense.

End of Washington’s Presidency

End of John Adam’s Presidency


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