Creating Mood

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Creating Mood

TONE is defined as the way the author feels about the subject. It is used to influence the reader's mood. So...what is the difference?

I'd rather stay here than go into that dark tunnel. (The author is scared.)It's a beautiful day. Let's go to the park and play. (The author is happy or excited.)You said no one was there with you, but I heard voices in the background. (The author is suspicious)

Authors use toneto create mood!



To determine the tone of a selection, first decide what the topic is. Next, find clues in the selection that help you determine how the author feels about the topic, and finally use the clues to decide what the overall tone of the selection is.

Mood wordshopefulcheerfuljoyousplayfulexcitedpeacefulgloomyviolenttenseheartbrokenpainfulfearful

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Examples of tone

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