Creating High Performance Learning Environments

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Creating High Performance Learning Environments

Creating High Performance Learning Environments

The classroom that was doing the engineering project was really interesting. What child doesn't like a rollercoaster or at least the idea? It was a great idea to use a well liked prop for a very difficult subject. I really liked the consistant questions the teacher continued asking to stimulate critital thinking within the students. The students remained engaged and motivated working in teams which also was fun to see.

In the Chineese classroom it was very well managed. This picure below reminds us how disaplined their culture is. But, what can we learn from them? - They are #1 in accademics in the world. I liked this classroom. This is how I coach and how I will teach - in a scaled down version. The students are very plyable at young ages and will set their tempo to the teachers tempo.


Would you like this class or this class. Strict is not a bad word. It actually is a good word and can be very effective in learning.

All the classrooms had something to offer that I could use. Thinking outside the box or norm as a teacher is so important. Our kids are so smart and challenging them on all levels is pretty easy for them as history will prove. Children are "like sponges" and learn anything we put in front of them. The delivery is what will make or break a student. These teachers all did a great job and the efforts both in students and teachers seemed to have great rewards.

Clapping in class with students to get them to pay attention isn't my favorite. I demand respect and I give respect. My voice should be the clapping hands in getting everyone to listen and be quiet.


In this classroom I really liked how the students stayed engaged with hand movements and getting involved. This tteacher uses a different kind of energy to teach.


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