Creating a Waterproof Book

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Creating a Waterproof Book

Creating a Waterproof Book

Method 1




Method 2

Use of Method 1So instead of using stickytape we covered the book completely in clear contact. And it was just a kids activity book instead of a novel as a novel would have taken too long to cover. OutcomeSomewhat successful - no effect when book was submerged, but after removing from the water and leaving in the sun to dry as much as possible, we found that water had seeped into the spine, weaking the book and causing the pages to come away from the spine.

Completely cover a page in sticky tapeOutcomeSuccessful - no leaks, page was perfectly fine afterwards, and still easy to read, though significantly shinier than it was to begin with.

Cover a page in PVA glue (covering the edges in sticky tape)Outcome*Was unable to test this method because the page had been wrecked and we had no time to test a new one*

Outcome of actual book

Cover a page completely in candle wax (covering the edges in sticky tape)OutcomeSomewhat successful - no effect to page when submerged, but when taking the page out of water, we found that the page couldn't bend without the wax cracking. The writing was just readable but we found that the writing on the opposite side of the page showed through.

Method 3


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