Creating a Glog

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Creating a Glog

How to Insert Picture1. Press the image button on the toolbar.2.Press upload (picture saved on desktop). 3.Add a frame by pressing the tab on the top.4.When done, press USE IT button on image tab.5. Then, you can size or shape using the arrows.

Creating a Glog

How to Create a Text Box1. Frist press the text button on your toolbar.2. Scroll through the text designs.3. Once you have found one you want, press the USE IT button. Then, you can insert text into it by clicking the text box and pressing the pink button that says EDIT on the tool bar.

How to Insert Graphics1. First press the graphics button on your toolbar.2. Scroll through the categories to find the graphics you want. If it says animated, that means is moves!3.Once you have found it, press the pink USE IT button.

How to Create Wallpaper1. First press the wall button on your toolbar.2. Scroll through the categories to find the perfect paper!3.Once you have found the one, press the pink USE ITbotton. Then you have your wallpaper!

How to Insert Audio1. Press the sound button on the toolbar.2. Press Grab to make a recording.3.You can change the player designs by pressing the tab on the top.4.Once you are done, press the USE IT tab.5. You can size or shape how ever you want!

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    David Goncalves
    I am relating soccer to goal setting. THe two are alike and go together well because most of my goals have to do with soccer. My all time life goal is to become a proffesional soccer player. I also have goals that i can achieve on the field at my age. One is to play as best as i can. Another is to score as many goals as possible. Also i want to try and help my teammates as much as possible on the field.