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Create a Project

Creating a Project

Creating and assigning a project to your class is easy.1. Go to your dashboard and click2. Either choose an already created template, or create a new one from the Create a new Glog link3. Add your project details, description and tabs with the idea that you can reuse this project next year.*Note: Projects can only be assigned to a class, so you must add your students and create your classes first. You can assign a project to a student by creating a class and assigning just that one student.4. Assign project to class(es)5. Type a project assignment message, include overview, rubric, due dates.... you choose.6. Save your project.

Student Dashboard

From the student dashboard, they will see your messsage and any projects assigned to them. If you have a school license, they will see all projects assigned by every teacher that has created one for them.

Projects are Glog Assignments and the perfect area for you to organize, view, grade and comment on work.


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