Crayon Box!

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Social Studies

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Crayon Box!

Ms. Ayers KindergartenCrayon Box!

follow the numbers!

4. Complete worksheet. Remember to put your name on top!

2. The crayons didn't get along at first. We do you think that? Why is it important to at along with everyone?

3. What is a community? How is our class a community like the crayon box?

Other Vocabulary: 1. Unique: One of a kind 2. Characteristics: qualities/traits of objects 3. Similarities:alike traits 4. Differences: not equal or the same

Community: A group of people who share the same things,such as where they live, culture, language, beliefs, interests and a way of life. Culture: The way people live, their beliefs, values, language, art, music and food.

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