Cray Fish

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Cray Fish

Pinchers, walking legs, long antenna, short antenna, tail, corpis, swimerets, eggs ,eyes...these are parts of many different animals. But, one specific animal is a crayfish. These hard shell crustations can be found in fresh water, lakes, rivers and ponds. Some people even like them as pets in their homes.

What does a crayfish look like?



A crayfish is not a fish! Crayfish are crustations. That means that its skeleton is on the outside of its body. They have a hard shell to protect itself. On their head they have short antenna close to their eyes, then they have long antenna outside of their short antennaes. The pinchers are at the end of their arms that are infront of its body.Crayfish have eight walking legs under their body that start from behind their arms all the way to their tail. Their tail is long (but short to us.) On the bottom of their tail they have four uropods and one telson in the middle. They also have swimerets under their tail. Female crayfish have something male crayfish don't, an egg pore!

How does a crayfish protect itself? Crayfish will use their pichers to protect itself from other animals or even humans. If you pick up a crayfish they will reach back and try to pinch you.


To protect themselfs from other animals they will swim backwards really fast using its tail and swimerets. They will also hide in the weeds, in between/under rocks, or in its hole.These are some of the ways crayfish will protect themselves.

Crayfish have many ways to have a habitat. When their habitat is in the outdoors it needs to be in fresh water such as lakes, rivers or even ponds. It will also need food. If you have a crayfish as a pet, you will need to make it feel like it's in it's normal habitat .You will need to put in things such as rocks, seaweed, things for it to climb on and something for it to hide under. Crayfish like to hide under things because they don't like the light. They also like to hide under ground. They will dig holes in the dirt that is in the water. These are some of the ways to make a crayfish comfortable in its habitat.

Crayfish are also known as crawfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, or mudbugs.

Fun Facts

About 350 kinds live in the U.S. Crayfish are escape artists.



Glossaryswimerets are like tiny legs under their tail that help them swim. A habitat is where an animal or were something lives.An egg pore is a place on the female body where the eggs exit for reproduction.


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