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Craig Kielburger

Craig Kielburgerby Zoey So

Global CitizenCraig Kielburger- is aware of the wider world and has a sense of her or his own role as a world citizenHe contributes a lot of work and time in order to provide a better education system for the children. He also works on the issue of child labour worldwide.E.g. build schools and rehabilitation center for children- respects and values diversityHe does not have any racial preferences. Not only he doesn't have it, he does not discraiminate any races. He tries his best to help them.E.g. succeeded to help the children in different races to have better livings- Has an understand of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically, and environmentallyEconomically: he raises funds for the children in the developing countriesPolitically: He talks to the government about the child labour/slavery. Socially: He talks to the public about this world issue in order to raise people awareness.Technologically: He put information on the website "Free the Children" & "Me to We" to raise awareness.E.g. Raise awareness to this issue, and fund to help them- Is outraged by social injusticeChild labour/slavery is a major issue worldwide. He does his best to try solving the problem.- Participates in and contributes to the community at a range of levels from local to globalHe owns the coorparations "Me to We", "Free the Children" to raise money.He gives talks and holds assemblies for publics. E.g. organization "Free the Children" "Me to We"- Is willing to act to make the world a more sustainable placeHe wants to give children in developing counturies a better life by eliminating the issue of child slavery.E.g. Give better living conditions to children in developing countries - Takes responsibities to his or her actionsHe is reponsible for his actions and always improves himself.

BiographyHis name is Craig Kielburger. He was born on December 17, 1987 in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. He is a Canadian activist for the rights of Children. He is the co-founder of the Free the Children charity and Me to We social enterprise.

How did he start?When he was 12 years old, he saw the article about a tragic story featuring the issue of child labour. He was very angry about it. He then gave a speech on the topic and formed a group "twelve-twelve-years-olds". Eventually it evolved to "Free the Children".

Free the Children

What has he accomplished?He funded a rehabilitation center for the Pakistan children who escaped from child slavery, which provided a shelter to them. So far the organization had built more than 500 schools all over Asia, Africa, and Latin America to provide education for 50,000 children. They shipped over 200,oo0 school and health kits and send more than 8 million worth supplies to the developing conuntries.

Free the Children

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Three Questions*What is your best accomplishment in your opinion?He had done lots of accomplishments in his life. From this question we can know his opinion on this.*What do you think you can do to raise people's awareness on this issue?It's very important to raise people's awareness to have more accopmlishments.*What are you going to do in the future in order to help the children?I can know his plan to help the children involved in child slavory by asking this question.


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