Crafty Comedy PBL

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Crafty Comedy PBL

Research PaperCreate a mini research paper that includes your PBL topic and an explanation on why it is worth satirizing. This paper needs to include at least three paragraphs, including an introduction paragraph with thesis statement, one body paragraph, and a conclusion paragraph. You must include at least two APA formated sources in your paper, which means that you must include a couple of quotes, facts, or paraphrases about your topic. Also, you must include a reference page that includes both sources cited through

Crafty Comedy PBL

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1) Choose a group topic. 2) Research your group topic. You must use two sources in your mini research paper. 3)Write a one page mini research paper.4) Submit your research paper to Turn It In by Monday, April 8, before midnight.

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How can we use humor to address social issues and inspire change?

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