[2015] lauren sorelle: Craftsman

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[2015] lauren sorelle: Craftsman


The Craftsman is known for its natural looking, rustic features. In most cases the home is made of rustic materials. The Craftsman is also known for its basic rectangular shape. The style is normally between one to one and a half stories tall. And it features exposed rafters as well as full front porches.

Pros Natural LookingPhilosophical BackgroundConsSuburbsImperfect

The Facts

Pros and Cons

The Craftsman orginated in the 1930's as a philisophical statement against the machine oriented, industrial revolution. The house is designed to have a handcrafted feel. Instead of the inpersonal machine created feel.

Cool Facts

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I personally like the natural, cottage apperance and feel of the Craftsman style house. As well as the philosophical history behind its creation


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