Cradiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

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Cradiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

* Is when the Heart Malfunctions and suddenly stops beating unexpectedly * The disrupted heartbeat can no longer pump blood into the brain and other vital organs* Person looses counciousness and has no pulse which can lead to death if not given treatment immediatley.


Cardiac Arrest

Heart Attack

* Is when an artery of the Heart gets blocked, blocking oxygen-blood flow from entering a section of the heart.* This blockage can last for hours or weeks causing major damage to the hearts muscle leading to a heart attack.* The heart does not stop beating during this process, but the heart muscels get worn out.


* Both of these attacks come hand and hand because one is the result of another* Cardiac Arrest can, but not always happen after a heart attack emerges* Heart Attack increases the risk of having a Cardiac Arrest.

! How to Help !

! How to Help !

*Quick treatment is Medication *aspirin*thrombolytic therapy ("clot busters")*heparin

* Check for pulse * Call 911 for help * Get an auttomated external defibrillator * Begin CPR


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