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Type Crack is a stimulant drug.

Short term affectsSome major short term effects for Crack are...hyperness, alertness, decreased anxiety, euphoria, appetite loss and more sociable and talkative.

Long term effects Some long major long term effects are extreme weight loss, lung cancer, bronchitis, agressive, paranoid behaviour, lung damage, and tooth decay.

Street names Some street names for crack are candy, cookies, hot cakes, tornado, snow coke, crunch & munch and 24-7.

Other Problems Crack is very expensive so you will loose money. Also, if you ge caught, it could be very difficult to get a career and you will also destroy your child's future. You also might not be able to cross borders.

HELP If you are addicted to crack, best ways are to get help from family members, close non-drug taking friends, therapists, councelors, and health-care providers. For peer pressure, you have to be strong, say "NO", walk away and find better friends.

Avoidng the risk You can reduce the risk by stop being with friends who take crack and stay away so you won't get tempted or caught with them.

Crack looks like hard rock candy which crackles in your mouth.


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