Crack a Book, Fix the Future

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Crack a Book, Fix the Future

Crack a Book, Fix the Future

*literacy rate: 89.6% with a rank of 105 out of 194*Adult literacy rate is 88% and youth literacy rate is 97%*42.5% of the poor complete primary education, while 13.1% receive no education

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Students Rebuild is part of the Bezos Family Foundation. Since 2010, they have been donating money towards places around the globe that have been struck by devastating crises. In previous years, this program had aided Haiti, Japan, the Philippines, and Africa, initiating over 65 countries. The Literacy Challenge is led by Students Rebuild, Save the Children, and Global Nomads Group, with the help of numerous students around the world. This year, students will make bookmarks equivalent to a dollar in donation up to $300,000. These bookmarks are to symbolize the continuous reading of children all around the world which is the goal of the Students Rebuild Literacy Challenge. This spread of knowledge will hopefully educate the 250 million young-ins around the globe that cannot read and write.

*youth literacy rate: 70% *adult literacy rate: 49%*In 2001, about 8 million people ages 15-60 were illiterate*In 2008, illiteracy rate reduced by 3 million due to NLC

*literacy rate: 33.4% *literacy rate by gemder: male- 43.1%female- 24.6%*school life expectancy by gender (2012)male- 10 yearsfemale- 8 years

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Our Goal: 300,000 Bookmarks and $300,000 in donations





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