Crabb Scopes Trial 1920's

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Crabb Scopes Trial 1920's

The Scopes TrialEvan Crabb

ANSWERSScopes was a Highschool biology teacher, he was on trial because he violated the Butler Act. the Butler Act was a law wich outlawed the teaching of evolutionSome people might convert out of christianity, or someone might disprove Their reiligous beliefsThe theory of Evoulution conflicts with crhistianity

Who Was Scopes? Why Was he on trial?What were Christians afraid of with the teaching of the theory of evolution?What did the theory of evolution conflict with?

The Scopes Trial was important to the 1920's is because it qestioned the reiligous belief of Christianity. the first reason being that teachers were teaching the theory of evolution. this theory interfears with the creationists belief by disproving hat god made humans. The American the American society was heavly Christian, and because of the theory of evolution some people were changing their beliefs. Another reason why the Scopes Trial was important to the 1920's is, because Americas culture is changing and becoming different then before. Lastly the Scopes Trial was important to the 1920's because it showed some of the crazy laws implaced by the state goverment like the Butler Act wich Scopes was accused of breaking. Now that things/laws were exposed people started to lean tworads darwinism. Overall the scopes played a very important role in making America what it is today.



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