Crab Salad

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Crab Salad

"Crab Salad"

1. Boil crap till well done2. Shead the shell and cut crap up to medium pieces3. Crumble crab meat in bowl 4. Mix in peppers and onions 5. Blend in cream cheese with hand mixer 6. Splash in maggi's to taste 7. Add splash of milk (only if too dry)8. You can add in more peppers and onions to add taste9. You may also substitute green peppers for red or yellow10. Add secret ingredient- 'panache'Note: open panache and spoon out. Do not shake.11. Put lettace on a plate/bowl and add in all ingredients Note: you are able to add in any extras, I prefer croutons!!12. Add dressing Enjoy!


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