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Land of Fertilia Laws and RegulationsCriterion 2: Component 2a: “The organization realistically prepares for a future shaped by multiple societal and economic trends.”Component 2b: “The organization’s resource base supports its educational programs and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future.”Component 2c: “The organization’s ongoing evaluation and assessment processes provide reliable evidence of institutional effectiveness that clearly informs strategies forcontinuous improvement.”Component 2d: “All levels of planning align with the organization’s mission, thereby enhancing its capacity to fulfill that mission.”

Long, long ago, in the faraway land of Fertilia, the king and princesses were happily content ruling over their loyal subjects. But when they found a magic mirror that allowed them to see how others viewed them and were granted the power to change, it was time for a closer inspection of how the kingdom was operating. This is the tale of how a little magic and a lot of introspection helped to transform an entire kingdom.

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Mirror, mirror, we've been put to the test. What is it that HJC does BEST?

Once upon a time, in the Land of Fertilia

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Mirror, mirror on the wall: is HJC preparing for it all?

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HJC provides a personal touch

The College's planning documents reflect a sound understanding of the organization's current capacityCriteria 2a(1)




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