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CPT Character Sketch Poster


M&M is the consummate hippie. He wears his hair long, wears an old, loose-fitting army jacket everywhere he goes, and has a metal peace symbol on a rawhide cord around his neck

Even M&M's family call him by this nickname, which he earned for his addiction to the candy of the same name.


That Was Then,This is Now

He is extremely trusting, and even tough characters like Charlie think he is nice, if a little weird.

M&M is not happy at his home,mainly becaouse his father constanly criticizes him about his long hair and his bad grade in school.


He starts hanging around more often with other hippies, who introduce him to marijuana.

He is thankful that Bryon and Mark save him from getting thoroughly beaten by Curly Shepard but is frustrated at Mark's hypocritical suggestion that they beat somebody else up that same night.

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Not Thinking



Addiction to candy


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