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DescriptionCoyotes look like a cross between a fox and a wolf.They have a four colored coat that consists of: Gray, Yellow, White, and Black.When summer comes, coyotes coats are darker than in the Winter.

Information about Coyotes

Interesting factsThe Dad of the coyote pups will protect the den for several months, until the pups are ready to go out on their own.Sometimes hunters will shoot the adult coyotes, sometimes those coyotes have pups(watch video)

CitationsGreenland,Caroline. Natures Children: Coyotes. Copyright 1986Mcarty,Ann.Critters of Maine. Copyright 2002

Diet/PreyThe Coyotes favorite foods are:Rabbits, Voles, Moles, Groundsquirrels, Chipmunks, And Woodchucks.Coyotes are carnivores. They have very sharp teeth to rip into the flesh of their prey.Coyotes can run up to 40 mph to catch up to fast prey, such as Deer, or Moose

PredatorsWatch out! The Coyote may be a predator, But it can be prey too:Bobcats,Grizzly Bears, Timber Wolfs, Great Horned owls carry off young coyotes,Hunters will shoot at adult coyotes.It's very sad.

BabiesAll Coyote Pups do is Play, Eat, or Sleep.They love to play with sticks, maybe a dead rat, or sometimes, a ball!The mom coyote has from 5 to 7 pups!Likely time to see pups: Spring/Summer.

HabitatCoyotes create their den inside of gravel pits, Roots of trees, and even roofs!They prefer to live in woodland, grassland, prairies, and even sometimes cities!




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