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The Life of a Coyote

These creatures are native to most regions of North America.

A coyote's main diet consists of cactus fruit, rodents, rabbits, birds and sometimes mesquite beans or lizards.

It isn't normal for coyotes to attack people. This is learned from watching human indifference towards coyotes.

A coyote typically weighs 20 to 50 pounds and the position of their ears represents their rank in the pack.

There have been reports about coyote attacks. Dogs and cats have been common victims in urban areas, but children have also been attacked.

Three specific adaptations a coyote has for survival: -Hunting style; Coyotes used to hunt in packs in the Sonoranhabitat, but now, they usually hunt solo for smaller animals.-Coloration; Arizona Coyotes have a browner coat/lighter colored coat used as camouflage against predators.-Thinner coats; A coyote in Arizona doesn't need as much warmth as a coyote in Alaska would, so it has a thinner coat to the point that it doesn't overheat in the summer or freeze in the winter.

Coyotes are very good swimmers and sometimes are able to out-swim predators


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