Courtney Gaines

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Courtney Gaines

D.O.T: 070.101-054,070.101-034G.O.E:02.03.01Holland Code:IRSInvestigativeRealisticSocial

Job Cluster: Health Services


Similar Jobs:SurgeonsPediatriciansVeterinarians

3 Places This job could be:A Private PracticeHospitalGeneral Doctors Office

Job Description:-Help women through post natal, prenatal, and natal periods.-treat diseases of the female organs.-perform vital surgeries.-prescribe and/or give therapy and medicine.-talk with other doctors in the same profession-refer patient to other specialists or doctor when necessary.-explain procedures and any test results.-keep records of patient and evauate records, test resutls, and any other information for patient or other doctors.

Future Employment:In 2006, there were about 1,430 Obstetricians and Gynecologists that had a job in NY.They estimate that in 2016 there will be 1,670 that will have a job in NY. This represents an increase of 20 jobs each year, and a total of 30 job openings each year.

Wages:In US the average wage for this job is:$166,400 per year for begining workers, and less than $166,400 for experienced workers.

Courtney Gaines 10/14/09

Bibliography:Career Zonegoogle imagesChronicle Career Library

Traits:-Hand Eye Coordination-Speaking-Critical Thinking-Science -Active Listening-Reading Comprehension -Judgment and Decision Making Skills


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