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Course Summary Presentation

In workshops 1-2 I am more aware of the importance of considering the variery of demographics within the school system. Considering demographics in the classroom meaning to understand that students from different ethnicities, who speak a different langauge, with different socioeconmic status, and living enviroment, and with different learning styles/focuses possibly need accomodations to help them learn and tounderstand the lesson more better. Also demographics stems from globization and that educating students on global issues will keep them updated on the global issues that is going on within the country and around the world and how these issues are affected their community. Once students are aware of what is going on within their community, they will become motivated to collaborate to share ideas, make strong decisions and to solve problems to help those who are lesson fortunate to make their community a postive and effective living enviroment.

Workshops 1 & 2!

Assessing...assessing...assessing. At the end of the day it all about teaching and assessing before, during, and after a lesson. The importantance of assessing students is to make sure that students are aware of the lesson and that they are learning what they need to learn. Assessments if are used appropriatley can and will benefit and improve and student learning. My goal as I continue my profession is to continue research and test all type of assessments with in the content areas of writing, langauge, speaking, reading, and listening. I will also continue to collaborate with veteran teachers and my colleagues to share , match, and assessments to accomodate all of my students and especially my students with severe, moderate, and mild learning disabiliites and behavior problems.

Workshop 5!

The 21st Currlium is a curriulum that most teachers have already implemented to their lesson plans to create a creative, positive, and effective student learning center within their classroom. The 21st Curriculum is a curriculum that is preparing students for thetoday's soceity as we are entering into a world that is trended by technology. Best practices for creating a positive learning enviroment is a for teachers to apply the 21st Currriculum to their lessons and to teach it to fidelity. Honestly I wasn't aware that I was using the 21st Curriculum strategies within my classroom until I began completing the course work within this classroom. The practices, methods, and strategies that I learned in this classroom has helped me to strengthen my own skills and practices that I have incorporated into my own lesson plans and classroom.

Workshops 3 & 4!

Course Summary Presentation


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