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Conflict: Thoughout this amazing there were many different conflicts, but the most pronounced was how all 5 of the men reacted according to Christ when there lives were going south.Setting: This story takes place in a small place called Daugherty county in Georgia. Here 5 friends worlds all collide under Gods power. Climax: The climax of the story was when Adams daughter tragically died in a car accident. This made all 5 men put there lives in perspective and directed them toward Christ.Protagonist: The main character of the story was Adam. The story emphasized him the mostGenre: Courageous is a story that is realistic fiction. This is because the story is not entirely based off of facts, but everything that was in the story could have happened in reality

Courageous By Randy Alcorn

Resolution: The resolution of this story occured when all of the men signed a contract to be great fathers and live according to Christ.Point Of View: Courageous was told from the authors point of view. Their was no one character who told the story.Theme: The theme of the story was how all 5 men went through different struggles and only 4 overcame them. Characterization: Courageous featured a wide variety of people showed different character. 2 of these people were Adam who showed courage in facing hard times when he lost his daughter and Nathan who stood strong and increased his faith throughout the story.

Description of AdamGod-FearingCompassionateIntegrityCourageous

5 Star Rating

“I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by six.”pg. 230

“it's my responsibility to cultivate the man in my son. I can't be passive about that.” pg. 178


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