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The Point of View- The point of view of this book was amazing. This book and movie captured an everyday story but changed the ending by adding the resolution. Adam Mitchell had such great faith after he realized that he was not doing what he was suppose to do as a father. It is amazing how one tragedy in someone's life can totally change how they live the rest of their life. After I read the book, I watched the movie and I was in tears by the end becasue in the movie and book it reminds you where God stands in your life which is everywhere. There is never a place in your life where God is not already there.

Genre- Christian Drama Setting- In Albany, Georgia, at Adam's house, in the police station, in the cop car, Javier's house, and Sherwood Baptist

Setting and Genre

Point of View

Adam Mitchell- Dad Emily Mitchell- Daughter Dylan Mitchell- Son Victoria Mitchell- Wife Nathan Hayes- Police buddy Derrick- Polic Buddy Shane Fuller- Police Buddy Javier Martinez- Friend of Adam T.J.- The Gang leader


Climax- Once Adam Mitchell's little girl died in a car crash, he woke up and made the decsion to be a better dad. He started reading the bible and made a bible study. Adam along side of his four friends committed to making Jesus a priority in their homes.

Adam Mitchell realizes a little bit after Emily has died, he needed to spend more time with his son that is still here. He also began to value being a father to his son. He began to read the Bible and made a resolution that he would pledge his time to his family and protect them. He had all of his police friends sign it and that helped his family get back on track.



Conflict and Theme- Conflict- Adam Mitchell realized after his daughter died that he needed to be a better father and husband. He spent the the rest of his time trying to fix the damage he had created between his wife and son. Theme- In the book, it starts out with inspiration but no Christian influence. As the movie goes on the main character, Adam Mitchell realizes that you can't do anything without the strength of Jesus Christ.


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