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Definition of courage- strength in the face of pain or grief; the ability to do something that frightens one.


Todd Burpo is the author of Heaven is for Real. Colton, his son, became very sick, and his doctors didn't know what was wrong with his at first. When they figured out the issue, Colton almost died after having an Appendectomy. Todd is a Pastor in Imperial, Nebraska, and he and his wife were struggling with debt. When all these medical costs came about they didn't know what to do. Todd was upset and prayed to God for hours on end asking him why is this happening to us? Why my family? Todd had courage and strength to perservere through the entire experience. In the end, Colton survived with miraculous stories of meeting Jesus and outer-body expeditions. Todd Burpo shared his son's story which also took courage because not many people accept the idea of a God and having a Heaven. I'm sure that by writing the book he recieved many criticizms, but he didn't let that stop him from expressing the tale of his son's journey.

Eric Liddell

Eric excelled at athletics and rugby but an event that took place in 1921 changed the direction of his life. Eric was invited to speak about his Christian faith at a public meeting. This was reported in the Scottish press and Eric started to receive many invitations to share the Gospel. He also continued running and was getting faster and faster. He qualified for the 1924 Olympics and gained notoriety when he refused to run in three events because they had been scheduled to be run on a Sunday. During this time his brother qualified as a doctor and accepted a post as a missionary doctor in China. Eric also applied to be a missionary in China, where his parents were then stationed. In the olympics of 1924, He took first in the 400 meter dash and set a new world record. Within eighteen months of winning at the Olympics Eric Liddell had given up athletics and was on his way to China to be a missionary. Eric Died There and Gave His Life for What He so Firmly Believed... reaching the World for Jesus and Helping Those in Need! He was a Man of Immense Moral Courage who gave up a life of Ease, Fame & Fortune in this world to serve God and to obtain an eternal, glorious future.


Eric Liddell is a good example of courage because he faced everything with a mindset involving God. We can learn from him that we should act through what we believe, and that hardwork rewards itself.

We can be encouraged by the Burpo's story because it teaches us to never give up even in the gravest of times. It also teaches us that beautiful results can come from a disastrous experience.

^ Heaven is for Real movie Colton

Todd Burpo and his son Colton.


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