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country music

Country Music

Canada Is ...

A Pittance Of Time

Canada In My Pocket

Our Song

Any Man Of Mine

These two country music singers are very well-known ones. Shania Twain is synonymous with country music. I love, "Any Man of Mine," as every time I hear it, the beat and the lyrics make me want to dance and sing along.Taylor Swift is newer to the country music scence. Many of my Grade 1 and 2 students enjoy her music too. I find "Our Song" to be a very catchy song of hers.

From children's music to adult music, I love the sound of country music!Michael Mitchell - A great children's musician that adds a country beat to his songs about Canada. You can't help but hum along!Terry Kelly and Alan Jackson - Two adult country music singers. The two songs here share serious topics. The tune still remains catchy.

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning


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