[2015] Fatima Kenly: Count on Me

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[2015] Fatima Kenly: Count on Me

ThemeOne major theme reflected in the book is Friendship. The friendship theme is mainly evident with Amir and Hassan because of Hassans's "'goddamn unwavering loyalty"(89), where no matter what Amir did to betray Hassan he always stayed loyal. Even though Amir never stood up for him even when he was getting raped. Also, Hassasn always stands up for Amir like the time Assef was bullying them. Amir's friendship towards Hassan shines when him and Hasssan would go to the movies together and when Amir would read to Hassan because he couldn't read for himself. Friendship also shows in Baba and Ali because of how Baba's father adopted Ali and raised hm. Ali and Baba played together and hung out together even though they were of diffrernt races. Then, their is also the closeness between Amir and Rahim Khan because RAhim is always their for Amir when he needs someone to talt to. Also, he can tell when something is wrong with him, even when his own father can't tell.

Count On Me

At the beginning of the novel Baba was a loyal person and always stood by his beliefs, even if it meant giving up his life. For instance, Baba would have taken a bullet for the lady when the Russian wanted to take her. Then, through death he was still loyal to his beliefs, and he finally completly accepted his son as his son. Before Baba died he did one more great act of love. He went and asked General Sahib for his daughters hand in marriage for Amir. Then, he used pretty much the rest of his life savings to pay for the whole marriage ceromny. Finally, after he died though, it was revealed that "Baba was a thief"(225). That all that time Baba had broken one of his biggest beliefs. Baba had stolen the truth from Amir and Hassan that they were half-brothers. In the end he was forgiven for what he had done.


Pomegranet TreeAs Amir and Hassan were growing up they carved "Amir and Hassan The Soltants Of Kabul"(74) into the pomagranet tree. When this happened the tree bore fruit. This represented their relationship. Then, when he returned later the tree no longer bore fruit and just like the tree Amir's memoriers were still always there but they never were happy and bright like the fruit.

Amir's ScarAfter Amir witnesses Hassan get raped, and then watched him as he left for good, Amir spent the rest of the time trying to forget Hassan. Then, when he goes back to Kabul and confronts all the memories he left behind he gets a physical reminder of one of his closest friends, Hassan. Amir ended up getting a scar just like Hassan's scar when he fought Assef for Sohrab. This scar symbolizes his brotherhood and closeness with Hassan now that he has gotten his redemption for betraying him so many years ago.

KitesAt first the kite symbolizes a way for Amir to form a connection with Baba through the Kite Tournament. Then, when he allows Hassan to get raped, and "in the end ran"(77) instead of helping, it represented his betrayal. Finally, once he had saved Sohrab and taken him in, the kites represented his redemption to his friend and brother Hassan.

Turning-PointOne of the major turning-points in the novel would be when it was revealed to Amir that him and Hassan were half-brothers. It's major because this information practically turned Amir's life upside down. Everything he thought he knew about Hassan, Baba, and Rahim Khan changed. Everything about his life seemed diffrent. Also before he was told this, Rahim Khan was asking him to go back to Kabul and "'to bring Sohrab here"'(220).At first he said he didn't want to do it, but after he found that he was his nephew he decided to go. Knowing the fact that Hassan and him were half brothers changed the decision he made at first.


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