Counseling Pyschology

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Counseling Pyschology

* High School Degree * Four-year Bachelor's Degree in Pyschology * After 4 years, advance in pyschological research methods, therapy and counseling techniques* Eventually, a Doctoral's Degree


Counseling Pyschology

Job Description

Counseling Pyschologists can choose whether they want to work on their own with their private office or they can choose whether to work at a hospital. Although, working on your own, pyschologists are more flexible with time and scheduling unlike working at a hospital.


Networking and Organizations

Job Outlook

Working Conditions

Those who work in private offices get $86,700. Those working in employment services recieve $96,700.

This is a type of applied pyschology that can be used to help people gain control of their feelings. These doctors typically focus on indivdiuals whose symptoms are less severe that are coping with daily stresses.

Some professional netwroking and organizations include interships in hospitals, special programs, support groups, facilitations, etc.

Projected to grow by 24% till 2018

Katherine Fernandez, p.8


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