Could Atlantis Really Exist?

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Could Atlantis Really Exist?

Could Atlantis really exist?

Plato the Philosopher

Scene of Utopian Atlantis by Sir Gerald Hargreaves date. N/A

Atlantis is said to have sunk in the "Pillars of Hercules" known today as The Strait of Gibraltar inbetween the Rock of Gibraltar and Mount Hacho near Ceuta Spain

Rock of Gibraltar

If Atlantis ever existed was most likely based off of another society called the Minoans and their destruction. The Minoans was said to have been destroyed by a tsunami or a volcanic erruption just like Atlantis.

Was it really destroyed?

Where is Atlantis?

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I do not think that Atlantis exists based on my reseach and the very few recorded documents.

Mount Hacho

Plato's dialouges Timaeus and Critias are the only known Atlantis evidence in existance. They focus on the topic of Atlantis and the knowledge of Atlantis that has been lost in time.


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