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COUGARSBy: John Hamilton

Article 1If cougars runs over a land mine or IED's they won't explode into parts like humvees.

Cougars are armoured land vehicles designed to transport soldiers safely.

Cougars don't have tracks like tanks do,cougars have wheels instead.

Cougars are armoured vehicles with a v-shaped bottom that deflect mines up and away from the vehicle.

Cougars come in two main versions the 4x4 and the 6x6.

The exact armor used on cougars today is CLASSIFIED, besides their V-shaped bottom.

I obtained this video from

United States soldiers travel in cougars as part of a security force in Afghanistan in 2009.

Hamilton,John. Cougars. Edina: 2012.

All pictures were obtained from Google. The video was uploaded from


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