[2014] Esmee Solberg (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Cougars

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[2014] Esmee Solberg (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Cougars

Cougar Kittens1. Newborn kittens have soft, fluffy-looking fur that is speckled with brown spots.2. Their coloring helps camoflauge them.3. The spots that the kittens disappear when the kitten is about eight months old.4. The kittens are born with blue eyes.5. The kittens are totally dependent on their mother for food.6. They nurse for up to three months.7. The kittens stay hidden and quiet in the den.8. They have rough tounges.

What do Cougars look like?1. Yellow eyes2. 3.3-5.3 feet long3. Stands 2 feet at shoulder4. 32 inch long tail5. Fur is usually tawny, or orange-brown6. Black markings on both sides of the muzzle or snout7. White chin8. Pinkish-brownish noses9. Tail tips are balck10. Their underside is light, sometimes nearly white


Vocabulary1. Particular- Specific or special2. Keen-sharp and alert3. Vary-to change something4. Ferocious-very aggressive and scary5. Resemble-to look similar to someone or something6. Unobserved-hidden or unnoticed7. Detecting-working to discover somethink

Habitats1. Snow capped mountains2. Jungles3. Pine forests4. Grassy plains5. Murky swamps6. Florida7. British Columbia8. Parts of Alberta

Cougar Facts1.Rareley heard2. Can be called Ghost Walker3. Adult males can weigh up to 225 pounds4. Their coloring helps them blend in with their surroundings5. The cougars have large pupils that take in all the avalable light.6. They have markings on the sides of their muzzels.7. They live alone. 8. They have very strong jaws.9. Females groome their babies constantly.10. They can not roar.11. If a female thinks that her kitten is in danger then she will move the kitten to a new hiding spot.12. When the kittens are about two months old the adult cougar will bring the kitten food every two to three days


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