[2014] Jordana Johnson (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): cougars

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[2014] Jordana Johnson (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): cougars


By: Patricia Corrigan

1. Resemble,to look similar to someone or something. 2. Detecting,working to discover something.3. Keen,sharp or alert.4. Vary,to change something. 5. Unobserved,hidden or unoticed. 6. Particular ,specific or special. 9. Ferocious,very aggerssive and scary

1. There fur is usally tan,orange,-brown,gray,and reddish-brown2. They have black around there muzzel3. They have long wiskers and long tails

What Do Cougars look like?

1. cougars have sharp teeth used to bite and tare meat. 2. cougars have long wiskers to detect there suroundings.

cougars live in Flordia,Alaska,british Columbia,parts of Alberta, and where the California boarder meets Mexico

new born kittens have soft fluffy looking fur that is speckled with brown spots. these spots disappear when the kittens are about eight months old the kittens are totaly dependent on there mother for food, water ,and shelter.If a female thinks her kittens are unsafe in a particular spot she will move them to somewhere safe when the mother leaves to go hunting the kittens stay in the den.when the kittens are about six months old the mother will teach them how to hut .the kittens stay with there mother for about eighteen months then they go off on there own.


By: Mr. Sand



where cougars live





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