[2014] blake lochner (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Cougars

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[2014] blake lochner (5th Grade Reading, 5th Grade Science): Cougars

Were do cougars live1. Alaska2. California3. Texas 4. Canada5. Mexico 6. Oregon7. Washington8. Columbia

cougar kittens1. Black spots2.They takes about 6 months to eat food really good3. Mom grabs it neck and brings them to new den site4. Have blue eyes when born5. Fluffy fur6. Get nursed for about 3 mounths7. Curly tails when borned8. They stay hidden when mom hunts for prey

Cougars Appearence 1. Long tail2. Pink on the tip of there nose3.Yellow eyes4. Rough tongues5. Long wiskers6. Are orange-brown7. Have black tips on there tails8. Black marks on there muzzle9. Has a white chin10. Round ears

vocab Particular-specific or special Keen-sharp and alert vary- to change something Feroious- vary aggressive and scary Resemble- to look similar or something Unobserued-hidden or unnoticed Deteoting-working to discover something

Cougar facts 1. Tails is about 32 inches long2. Wiegh up to 225 pounds3.About 2 feet tall at shoulder 4. About 3.3 -5.3 long5. Have good balance6.They can easily leap over fallen trees 7. Have strong jaws8. have 24 teeth9. Walks about 30 miles a day10. Hunt in a hiegh branch but mot from a tree11. Can also be called a puma12. Yellow eyes



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