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Inventors and Inventions

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Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney did not profit off of the cotton gin. Even though he patented it other inventors modified his product.


Eli Whitney was an American Inventobest known for inventing the cotton Gin. Born in December 1765 in Massachusets. He married to Heinretta Edwards and had four childrens.

Biography of discovers

Impact!The economy increased do to cotton being a successful crop.

The cotton gin was patented by Eli Whitney in 1794.The machine changed the production of cotton greatly. it sped up the process of removing the seeds from the cotton fiber.

Cotton Gin

Cotton production 2015

*Cotton is produced in more than 100 countries in the world*Cotton fibers are one of the oldest known fibers due to it going back 7,000* Cotton is used for textiles, clothes, bedsheets, towels etc.

Interesting facts


The Cotton Gin changed the evolution of history by, producing fifty pounds of cotton in one day. more products were able to b e made of cotton.

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