Costume/Dress in the 1600's

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Costume/Dress in the 1600's

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Costume/Dress in the 1600's

"It was a hairstyle into which one introduced persons or things one liked, such as portraits of one's children or friends, the picture of one's dog, of one's bird, all framed with one's father's or lover's hair." -Mme de Oberkirch"They have waistcoats by the dozen, nay hundred, magnigficently embroidered, with buttons the size of 6 livres coins containing precious minitature portraits."-French country nobleman about the Parisians"The ladies, in mules, low-necked bodices and short skirts, galloped in the square".-Ballarini about the Venetian carnival

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Costumes were bright and flashy to make up for lack of sceneryThe strict rules that were enforced by English Laws about clothing called the Sumptuary Laws.Elizabethans understood the meaning of different colored clothing in relation to position and status.Costumes were mostly handed down by the

Fashion Statements

Queen Elizabeth

Different Examples of Colthing

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